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Become a Major League Bocce Black Shirt Volunteer

Meet Major League Bocce's Black Shirts
Have you ever noticed the people running around your league night sporting a sexy black t-shirt? We hope so! They are Major League Bocce's famous Black Shirts. These outgoing volunteers run our divisions and help make your bocce night a memorable one. Our black shirts do it all - from organizing equipment to taking pictures at the bar. And next season your league's black shirt could be you! 

Be a Black Shirt at Bocce!
Are you interested in donning a black shirt at your league night? We're always looking to recruit new volunteers! If you want to Black Shirt with us or are interested in learning more about the program, please submit your information here and we'll be in touch! Feel free to email us with any questions.
Roles You Play: Qualities You Possess: Benefits to You!
  1. Host the weekly bocce party
  2. Facilitate games and good times 
  3. Represent Major League Bocce                              
  • Outgoing - you enjoy social interaction
  • Organized - you can keep track of equipment, scores, etc.
  • Social Consumer of Alcohol - you like to drink in public
  • Decisive - you can make decisions on the spot & stick to your guns
  • Committed - you are a fan of bocce and have time to make it a success                        
  • FREE bocce for the season ($60-$80 value)
  • Weekly bar tab up to $35/week 
  • Status - you will be recognized as the life of the party at bocce
  • Leadership Skills - use your experience as a resume-builder
What do the Black Shirts do?
Read through the list below for a basic outline of Black Shirt responsibilities. Details vary from location to location, but this is a good overview.
  • Manage bocce equipment
  • Manage games (match teams with opponents, start and end games on time)
  • Answer questions about the rules
  • Collect score sheets
  • Take team photos during games and at the bar
  • Be knowledgeable of the Major League Bocce program (sponsors, specials, ticket contest, prizing, parties, etc.)
  • Be social and interact with teams
  • Post to social media (weekly photos and other creative content)
  • Hand out t-shirts (first week only)
Next Level: Manage a Division!
Each of our divisions have a manager to oversee the operation from week to week. Armed with a bocce credit card and leadership skills, these Black Shirts are the point of contact for the division. Division Managers have a few extra responsibilities, which take approximately 1-2 hours per week to execute outside of their bocce night.
  • Send weekly emails to the division
  • Updates scores after games
  • Post to social media 
  • Answer questions from players over email
  • Manage the weekly bar tab at the bar
  • Manage the Black Shirt crew
  • Communicate with Major League Bocce staff in order to keep us up-to-date on equipment needs, bocce-night incidents, shirt discrepancies, issues with the bar, etc.

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